The Midas June Report: the most growing month in history of Midas, Lock-in v2.0, Fline development, InstantSell and more!

What are Midas.Investments results in June?

Total funds on the platform:$1 845 000 (+37%)200.33 BTC (+34%)
New users registered (June):701 users
Burnout activations:490(+74)
Lock-in activations:395(+3)
Midas price:$1.08 (+35%)0.00010413 BTC
BTC price increase from the last report (26.05):+17%
Total BTC in buy orders:2.35 BTC (Midas exchange) + 
+ 1.76 BTC (Crex24) + 
+0.51 BTC (Birake) = 
= 4.62 BTC (+56% increase)

May price graph
June price graph

What is coming soon?

  • Lock-in v2 with multiple tiers, which includes different boosts for interest rates and indexes and awesome crowns!
  • Landing pages and widgets for every coin listed on Midas allowing to purchase coins immediately for any investor.
  • InstantSell — convert your rewards to BTC.
  • ETH interest rate and tokens listings.
  • Adding two new coins to MNI.
  • Exploring new indexes possibilities.

What was done in June?

This month was huge in terms of developing new stuff behind the curtains. In this report I will present a few surprises that we are working on right now that you may expect soon.

The Lock-in v2 with Gold, Platinum and Diamond tiers

One of the key steps in expanding our ecosystem is to bind Midas utility to all the features of the platform. Currently Midas coin has three utilities: paying reduce fees, Lock-in to disable all fees on the platform and Burn-out to create additional passive income stream.

While Burn-out is doing great with a huge 74 activations in June, Lock-in activations do not increase so fast. The reason behind that is the low utility purposes and increased price of Midas.

In the past months we released many new instruments that are not bounded to Lock-in. Therefore, we are developing the new Lock-in with a few different tiers!

It will cover interest rates, indexes, InstantBuy and InstantSell. Overall, Lock-in is transferring from the instrument, which saves you a few bucks per month, to a must-have feature that boosts your income!

Lock-in will have three tiers: gold, platinum and diamond. Each tier comes with a fancy crown that represents your account. The higher the tier — the bigger your rewards for interest rate and lower fees for indexes.

The sneak peak of the new Lock-in page

We spent a lot of time polishing UX and UI of the new Lock-in. I think you see the difference. The biggest challenge was to explain that it is not a paywall. You just hold Midas and that’s it!

Therefore you can withdraw that Midas any time. So, if the price will go up, you still can earn on that.

We have finished the main design and back-end development. Right now we are polishing pop-ups (like deposit and withdraw) and thinking of the content at the end of a page. Meanwhile, our front-end developer is coding the elements of the page.

InstantSell — convert your rewards to BTC immediately

Many of you asked for months, when will we plan to release InstantSell — the way to mine BTC instead of coins. And the answer is — we plan to launch it in July!

This feature fits perfectly in our new indexes and many great coins that will be listed soon. This feature changes the way you invest in Masternode and Proof-of-Stake coins by remaking them into BTC mining mechanisms!

It is much safer to convert your rewards to BTC, since you do not worry about coin volatility anymore!

Fline bot development and new utilities

During the last few months BTC is staying on a single point of $9100. Considering that Fline bot is related to trend moves it does not fill good during such flat periods of BTC. Once the trend move starts, BTC bot is going to enter it.

Meanwhile, Fline team is working on the updated algorithm with lower timeframe, which will make the bot more adaptable. During June the team made over 62 thousand backtests only for the BTC bot, configuring different stats and parameters to find the perfect balance for the bot. The new version of the bot core is far more adaptive to lower timeframes.

Just some behind the scenes work

Besides working on BTC bot, Fline has been working on stock market bots (Tesla) with over 12 thousand backtests. Since Tesla (and other stocks) is far more volatile market the bot showed awesome results during this summer. Soon it might be added to Fline ecosystem and we continue to explore stock bots.

Also, Fline is exploring different utilities that are not related to algorithmic trading. The one that seems really interesting is the screeners of crypto and stock market.

It is a huge problem that new investors on both markets need to monitor too many trading pairs and do not know what to choose and where to invest. The universal screener based on the unique parameters potentially can solve this problem. We will keep you updated on this work.

Integrating Ethereum Interest Rate, ERC-20 tokens and Ethereum-based blockchains

One of the biggest opportunities of growth for Midas is the listing of new coins. The current problem we face is that all coins that can be listed on Midas with the coded algorithm are BTC and Dash-like.

Every coin with unique blockchain commands takes a lot of time to work on and implement. This month we picked Ethereum to work on. It includes multiple coins, like NRG, and all ERC-20 tokens.

Potentially finishing this opens huge opportunities of listing big marketcap tokens. Some of them have staking in some way and it will be included to the platform as a regular investments.

Once the development is finished, we will also add Ethereum interest rate similar to LTC. After Ethereum will go into PoS Midas will offer Ethereum staking services too!

Coin landing pages and widgets

For a long period of time we wanted to launch the tool for coins that would allow them to sell their coins on their website.

This idea transferred into coin landing pages on which investor can take a look on coin and invest into it. Besides landing page, we are also working on the widget that developers can integrate to their websites, which allows visitors to buy their coin through Midas ecosystem.

Draft of the coin landing page

Summing up the June of 2020

This was one of the biggest growing months for Midas in terms of every aspect of the project.

Midas coin became much stronger and showing a steady growth day by day.

A huge spike of new investors and deposits is the result of our marketing campaigns, which will continue in July with a new force.

Our team are integrating new management and project practices that improve the productivity of every team member.

The overall vision of Midas is to get into the new markets (PoS, dPoS), adding a few more indexes and creating the convenient UI for all platform features. It will help to scale Midas to one of the biggest cryptoplatform on the market!

P.S. A little discord chat of our investors to highlight the result of our work ©2017-2020

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