The Midas May Report: Midas results, MNI and WIKI release and more

The last two months were really intense and I am happy to gather all the stuff we made during spring.

Also, I wanted to make the regular reports more informative. From now on you will be able to read about overall monthly Midas.Investments performance and what is coming soon. And then I will explain our achievements during the month. So, let’s start.

What are Midas.Investments results in May?

Total funds on the platform:$1 341 000 149.73 BTC
New users registered (May): 605 users
Burnout activations: 416 (+40)
Lock-in activations: 392 (+25)
Midas price: $0.800.00008979 BTC
BTC price increase from the last report (09.04): +49%
Total BTC in buy orders: 1.73 BTC (Midas exchange) + 
0.89 BTC (Crex24) + 
0.3 BTC (Birake)
2.92 BTC

What is coming soon?

  • The block with Midas products on the main share page
    Increasing exposure of Midas investment instruments
  • Lock-in v2 that is boosting your profits and takes away extra fees
    A huge utility boost for Midas coinWhat was done during the month
  • The top CMC coins listings

Midas Masternode Index release

We are happy to launch the brand new investments instrument called Masternode Index (MNI). It is a great way to start building your passive income with masternodes and earning BTC right away. Currently, it has 34% ROI, which is great considering you can earn from coin growth too.

In one month we received 15.51 BTC of deposits from 154 investors! This is the result of our marketing campaign

If you somehow missed this launch, make sure to read our WIKI article about MNI. It has a lot of data and fully explains how it works.

It is the first, but not the last index we are going to offer. Currently, Midas team is investigating new market opportunities.

The first-kind platform Wiki!

Midas team never got a chance to stop from making new features and expanding the platform. It ended up with a lot of questions to our hardworking support team. So, Midas needed a place, where a new user can get all the answers he needs to start using the platform.

That is how the idea of Midas Wiki was born. We wanted to create the new experience of educating on the platform, making the typical information search enjoyable.

Our marketing team created the unique design tools for marking text in a way it would be the easiest to read. Wiki has a lot of GIFs, pictures and data. You can even see our team’s faces and roadmap there.

Besides answering investor’s questions, it provides a lot of impact with onboarding new users to the project. We expect our Wiki to be one of the best knowledge base in crypto!

The launch of BNB/BTC Binance trading bot

We have developed the bot that buys and sells BNB on your Binance account according to trend, multiplying your BTC and BNB Since it is connected to your Binance API, only you have control of funds, which means it is safe.

The backtest results are amazing and showing a stable growth during the BNB exsistence.
The compound profit from the start of 2020 year is 30%, which is an awesome start for this year. The subscription is available for 3 or 6 months, because the bot is aimed for long-term results.
It is one of the best tools to diversify your portfolio to maximise profits during altcoin season. To reserve the spot and connect your Binance account fill this form.

The long-waited platform optimisation

In April we faced a lot of freezes on the platform, which was related to the part of back-end, where the server manages transactions. It was really outdated and flooded our servers.

We spent few days to rebuilt this algorithms from scratch and now the platform works perfectly again. The average load time decreased by 3 seconds coming to 0.5 seconds.

And guess what… You can also read about Midas security in our Wiki.

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