The monthly ROI of Burn-out is 17%!

After the recent changes of Burn-out, there was a bunch of activations! If you activated Burn-out a month ago, you would earn 50 Midas coins already!

With the current trend of activations, the Burn-out ROI can be up to 200% annual.

This does not include the airdrops that we made for coins listed: FYD and QTV. This coins increased the monthly ROI on 12% too!

In March we plan to list as many high marketcap coins as possible. And this will increase Burn-out ROI a lot.

In the upcoming development we plan to upgrade Burn-out by introducing more features to it, the new and clear landing page and synergy with Lock-in!

This will make Burn-out a separate investment instrument and we can arrange a full marketing campaigns on it!

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