The online-education programme from Midas: how to create a diversified crypto-passive income

As a mission of Midas I see the creation of a passive income in a new world economy. During three years Midas team gathered a lot of valuable information and insights about investing in crypto and non-crypto markets.

Meanwhile, I analysed how human brain behaves and what cognitive biases not allowing us to make right decisions.

And world-wide quarantine is the best time to educate yourself before the new earning opportunities reveal themselves. You must be prepare for that.

So, Midas is offering an educational programme, during which I will highlight all the potential ways to diversify your income in crypto (not only in masternode and staking), plus how to analyse altcoins and pick the right projects, not getting into scams and how your brain works during investments.

The result of the course would be the diversified long-term portfolio created by your own hands + the skill of crypto-investments.

There will be only 30 spots for the test run. If you are interested in reserving one, or have questions regarding programme, message me.

Update: 25 spots left.

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