The Release of Midas Boost Tiers

We’re glad to announce the release of Midas Boost Tiers, designed to provide Midas users with additional incentivization on top of their crypto portfolio. 

The new Midas Boost is a five-tier system, comprising Base, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond levels, which increase returns depending on MIDAS holdings as a percent of a user’s portfolio.

The requirements for each tier: 

  • Base: No MIDAS tokens are needed
  • Bronze: At least 5% of the user’s total portfolio must comprise MIDAS tokens
  • Silver: At least 7.5% of the user’s total portfolio must comprise MIDAS tokens
  • Gold: At least 10% of the user’s total portfolio must comprise MIDAS tokens
  • Diamond: At least 20% of the user’s total portfolio must comprise MIDAS tokens

The total portfolio is the combined value in USD of all investment products on the Midas platform: Fixed Yield, CeDeFi strategies and Yield Automated Portfolios (YAPs).

Midas Boost Tiers

For example: If the total portfolio balance in your Midas account equals 1,000 USD, you will have to stake 200 USD worth of MIDAS Tokens to get the Diamond status. As the price of the crypto assets fluctuates, it is advisable to add more MIDAS Tokens to ensure that you will not miss out on our additional interest rates.

The structure of Midas Boost Tiers will be adaptive and flexible to market conditions and user data to provide optimal results for both users and the MIDAS token. We believe MIDAS earned by any user will not be subject to a locking period, and users may swap in and out of MIDAS at any time. MIDAS retained by users will continue to earn at MIDAS’ native 27.4% APY. The new model of Midas Boost is aimed at long-term holders who truly believe in Midas and share our vision for the development of the crypto industry. Welcome to the new era of wealth generation!


How to know my Boost tier? 

  • You can check your Boost tier in the profile section

Will I receive more if my referral increased his Boost tier?

  • Yes, your affiliate rewards will change according to the Boost tiers of your referrals

How long does it take to update the Boost tier? 

  • Usually, it takes less than a minute
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