Three announcements about the platform in one!

1. Starting from today the BTC withdrawal will be processed twice per day.

10:00-12:00 UTC and 20:00-22:00 UTC. We still do manual verification of each withdrawal. It allows us to validate balances and stability of the system.

2. You can earn 15% annual rate on BTC

You can earn 15% annual rate on BTC simply by depositing BTC on the top share in the list (instead of the balance in your profile). We can achieve this amount by earning on loan providers (like Celcius) and paying from our pocket. 

The amount of total btc deposited is still pretty low (under 10 BTC) and it takes approx. 0.01 BTC per week to cover this. This is our way to provide stable investment instrument for our users. Over time with the increase of the total balance, we will reduce the percentage, so do not miss the opportunity.

The payments are made each Friday.

3. Additional investment instrument is to be a holder of two Midas masternodes! 

Every investor that have more than 5000 Midas coins on their balance will receive +10% of their weekly rewards every Friday. For example: If you have received 100 coins per week, you will receive 10 more on Friday. This is our way to say thank you for believing in our project. 

We will close this opportunity next month with our upcoming exchange scaling!

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