TradePoolCoin takeover with CC as a CEO. The new star rising on the masternode market

Every member of Midas discord knows @CC | Midas.Investments#9944. He has been doing an incredible work of managing Midas and Fline communities for over a year now. Carlos provides the most useful analytics not only about masternodes and investment instruments, but also about personal finances.

For many months CC has been working on the idea for a masternode coin that would be stable and profitable at the same time utilizing smart investment processes and funds management. Still, Midas did not have time to help with developing of it.

I am happy to say that CC with the support of @ian#4786 initiated a takeover for Trading Pool coin. From now on he steps up as a CEO of TPC. The new idea of the coin is similar to a concept created by CC few months ago.

Midas will work on both-beneficial partnership once TPC team finishes takeover actions. Meanwhile, you can dive deeper into this project. I believe that it can be successful and we will help CC to achieve this.

P.S. CC will remain the community manager for Midas.Investments, so do not worry.

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