Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is now available on Midas platform

To further enhance the security of your Midas account, we are pleased to introduce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 

2FA is the industry standard for securing online accounts. It ensures that both your assets and personal information continue to remain safe and secure. Once this security feature is enabled, you will need to provide your 6-digit 2FA code generated by authenticator app when performing certain actions on Midas platform. 

Why Google 2FA

When setting up a new Midas.Investments account, you have to login via email or Discord, but it is not enough secure. To add another layer of security to your account, it is strongly recommended to enable Google Authenticator to your account. It can help prevent unauthorized logins even when your password has been leaked. 

Google Authenticator is an app that implements two-step verification services using a time-based one-time password. The app offers a 6-digit dynamic code that changes every 30 seconds, and each verification code can only be used once. Once you have enabled it, you will be asked to fill in the dynamic code for login, withdrawal and etc.

How to enable Google 2FA

  1. Go to “Profile” section on Midas platform 
  2. Click on the “Enable 2FA” button 
  3. Scan QR code with an authenticator app to add your Midas.Investments account. Alternatively, copy the alphanumeric code and paste it into your authenticator app.
  4. Enter the six-digit code shown in your authenticator app into Midas platform

NOTE: If you enabled 2FA through the Google Authenticator app, 2FA through email will be automatically disabled. 

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