Updates for Fline trading bot

1. After some not-good trades made by 2 and 3 layers, we dropped them off, as you know it, turned on trustworhy OG bot only for now, around beginning of the March. Also, we tried different invention, but were forced off by the market itself to turn it off due some design flaws (every algo has it, btw, no matter how good it is). So, for now we’ll stick with main-algo, without changing. But…

2. We want to be faster, less dependent on market phases, less vulnerable to shift market changes, so our current focus is fully on new algo, which have a lot in common with current one, but use smaller timeframe (around 29% smaller), and much faster by itself. Though we for sure will be forward-testing it (starting this week, probably tomorrow) and see, how it goes, while we’re working on it too. Maybe we will open separate account for it as well.

3. General advice: do not think of algos to make you rich in 1 week or 1 month time. First, it’s all dependent to the market. Second, mind the big picture – set-up your plan, see it as a real trading fund, not some get-rich-quick scheme with x10 leverage madness.

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