Weekly report 27.08.2019 – 02.09.2019

4. The new features will be tested
We are exploring new ways of monetization and validate them on our users (I think we are the only masternode platform that does such things). During this week one of our team members, @Lloyd | Midas.Investments, will ask some questions that will help us to understand your needs better.

5. The blog development has started
We already have MN.Investments in our pocket, but we decided that our blog should be native in our platform to increase SEO potential and become a strong marketing tool. So, this week we aim to launch the lightest version of the blog to Midas.Investments. This decision is also driven by the fact that most of our community is not in discord any more and we need a way to communicate with them.
6. Multiple small features are being tested one by one.
We are doing simple A/B tests to some stuff, like buttons and small pop-ups. It should help to increase conversion rate through the platform.

7. Email marketing is ongoing

New templates, new call to actions, new way to increase conversion rate for our marketing programmes.

8. Rethinking our listing policy due to the exchange launch

We are creating new terms of listing new projects. Since we are much more than just another shared masternode service that either copies our features or follows the path of dead masternode hosting market, we will change our positioning and will offer wider services to all kind of coins.

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