What is the MIDAS Token?

Every decentralized network possesses underlying utilities which require a digital asset. The network cryptocurrency powers all functions that take place on the network. In the case of the Bitcoin network, there’s the digital asset – Bitcoin, or BTC digital coin which facilitates actions transpiring on the native Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin is used to reward miners on the network, as fees generated on transactions. This is one such function of BTC on the Bitcoin network. Ethereum’s decentralized network is powered by ETH, the native digital asset on the ERC20 network. No matter which digital network is referenced, a coin or token is required to power it.

The historical difference between cryptocurrency coins and tokens is that coins are synonymous with and typically used in the case of autonomous blockchain networks like BTC, ETH, BNB and other layer-1 blockchains, while tokens are not layer-1, but layer-2. Tokens are digital crypto assets that power networks dependent upon underlying autonomous blockchains to run atop, and function on. For example, the Midas crypto investments platform is powered by the MIDAS token which is supported and traded on the Fantom blockchain network.

MIDAS Cryptocurrency Token

Midas hybrid CeDeFi investments platform is powered by its native cryptocurrency – the MIDAS token. The maximum token supply for MIDAS is 5,000,000, but there is also a burn protocol in place which decreases circulating supply when utilized. While MIDAS runs along the Fantom blockchain network, the cryptocurrency token itself is integrated with the investment strategies and peer-to-peer transactions occurring along with the decentralized hybrid CeDeFi platform. The MIDAS token is used in a number of ways on its own investment platform.

Multiple hybrid investment strategies made available to investors on Midas crypto investments and staking platform like single fixed asset strategies, grouped crypto investing strategies, complex DeFi strategies and individually developed strategies designed on a case-by-case basis, for Venture Capitalists, family funds and other institutional and specialized classes of investors. All of the mentioned mechanisms involve MIDAS in one way or another.

Multiple Utilities for MIDAS Token

In the myriad of functions and strategies existing and taking place on Midas Investments platform, MIDAS token is present throughout. Holders of the MIDAS token stand to potentially benefit from appreciation that comes from yields and other passive crypto income derived from investment strategies implemented on Midas. One such strategy is a comparatively industry-high 27.4% yield offered on MIDAS staked on the custodial crypto investments platform.

In all actuality, each of the 20 plus cryptocurrency assets listed on Midas are integrated with the MIDAS token and ecosystem. Everytime an investor stakes BTC, ETH, BNB, or any other crypto tokens or coins offered on Midas, they have the opportunity to collect the daily generated yields in MIDAS crypto tokens by selecting Midas Boost. Midas Boost raises the generated APY by an additional .25 x APR across all assets evenly, for a noticeable change in calculated annual percentage rates of each respective position.

Investors already earn interest in BTC and 20+ other cryptos, but APY is boosted from just over 6.5% to 8.2% on BTC by using Midas Boost. ETH is boosted from 7.8% to 9.8% by choosing to receive passively generated yields in MIDAS. This direct utility involving single fixed assets is one such for the MIDAS token. Once yields are received with Midas Boost, MIDAS can then be staked for the aforementioned 27.4% APY, which is its own distinguished and separate MIDAS token utility.

MIDAS Buybacks Offer Another Utility

As a part of the Midas.Investments platform strategy, periodically a 10% match of the yields generated and distributed to investors are shared with MIDAS holders through this buyback strategy. Buybacks are used to develop the Midas ecosystem in three specific ways.

  • Midas Growth Fund uses MIDAS buybacks to grow the Midas platform or token.
  • APY boosts are sometimes decided upon during six-month reviews, and MIDAS tokens are distributed as an additional bonus, to investors with crypto staked on Midas.
  • Periodically MIDAS tokens are burned by being sent to a permanent burn wallet, removing them from circulation permanently, which can help stabilize the token price.

Anyone can buy MIDAS in 3 Steps

After doing research and learning of the many unique benefits associated with holding MIDAS, individuals can come to a decision to purchase the native Midas crypto token by following three simple steps:

  1. Make a deposit in one of any 20+ cryptocurrencies on Midas.
  2. Open the Midas token share and click on the “Swap” button.
  3. Ensure tokens are swapped to MIDAS and “Stake” to start earning 27.4% APY.

Midas.Investments Continues to Develop Utility Using the MIDAS Token

Midas.Investments is a progressive crypto investments platform, with staking protocols, and a vast array of complicated investments strategies that come together to present the very yields generated and collected daily by its 10,000 plus active investors with over $300 million in total Assets Under Management (AUM). With its beginnings dating back to 2018, Midas is continuing to build into the future, recently evolving further in the direction of a hybrid CeDeFi platform since current newer strategies utilize and leverage DeFi protocols which are made simple through the use of strategies that typically exist in more CeFi-based scenarios.

As Midas continues to develop as a hybrid CeDeFi investments platform, the MIDAS token utility is only expected to expand. Opportunities to leverage and maximize passive yields earned on MIDAS can only reasonably be anticipated to grow as the growing digital investments platform looks to branch out into further complex DeFi strategies and network functions to help do what the mission of Midas.Investments has been since its beginning – generating sustainable passive crypto yields with and for investors, using DeFi protocols and strategies, and MIDAS token is involved in that process from beginning to end.

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